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by Mark Fisher

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From October 2017

Achilles, Company of Wolves, on tour, 7 Oct–30 Jan

White, Catherine Wheels, on tour, 20 Oct–17 Dec


From November 2017

Wind Resistance, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 3–11 Nov; Perth Theatre. 17–22 Apr

Chick Whittington, MacRobert, Stirling, 23 Nov–31 Dec

The Arabian Nights, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 25 Nov–6 Jan

Cinderella, Citizens, Glasgow, 28 Nov–31 Dec

Beauty and the Beast, Brunton, Musselburgh, 28 Nov–6 Jan

Eric the Elf's Chaotic Christmas, MacRobert, Stirling, 28 Nov–24 Dec

A Christmas Carol, Cumbernauld Theatre, 30 Nov–24 Dec

A Christmas Carol, Dundee Rep, 30 Nov–30 Dec

Beauty and the Beast, Byre, St Andrews, 30 Nov–31 Dec

Tinsel Toon, Tron, Glasgow, 30 Nov–31 Dec


December 2017

Alice in Weegieland, Tron, Glasgow, 1 Dec–7 Jan

Singin' in the Rain, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 1–23 Dec

Cinderella, King's, Edinburgh, 2 Dec–21 Jan

Sleeping Beauty, King's, Glasgow, 2 Dec–8 Jan

Rudolph, Platform, Glasgow, 5–17 Dec

How to Disappear, Traverse, Edinburgh, 6–23 Dec

The Tin Soldier, Birds of Paradise, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, 7–23 Dec

Cinderella, Shona Reppe, Traverse, Edinburgh, 8–24 Dec

Winter Wonders, The Letter J, Cumbernauld Theatre, 8–23 Dec

Aladdin, Perth Theatre, 9 Dec–6 Jan

Sleeping Beauty, Gardyne, Dundee, 9–31 Dec

The Sunnyside Centre, Village Pub Theatre, Hibs Supporters Club, Edinburgh, 11, 12, 14 Dec

Jack and the Beanstalk, SEC, Glagow, 16 Dec–7 Jan

Ricky McWhittington, Platform, Glasgow, 19–23 Dec


January 2018

The Attic, Starcatchers, on tour, 9–21 Jan

The Lover, Royal Lyceum/Stellar Quines/Scottish Dance Theatre, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 20 Jan–3 Feb

Bold Girls, Citizens, Glasgow, 24 Jan–6 Feb

Greater Belfast, Matt Regan, Tron, Glasgow, 24–27 Jan

A Play, A Poet and a Pastry, Theatre Royal, Dunfries, 26 Jan

Off-Kilter, Ramesh Mayyappan, on tour, 26–31 Jan

Just Start Here, NTS, Civic House, Glasgow, 26–27 Jan

Hopeless, Leyla Josephine, Tron, Glasgow, 26–27 Jan

Manipulate, Traverse, 27 Jan–3 Feb

549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War, Wonderfools, on tour, 31 Jan–10 Feb


February 2018

Knives in Hens, Perth Theatre, 1–17 Feb

The Match Box, Firebrand, on tour, 1–24 Feb

(More) Moira Monologues, Alan Bissett, on tour, 9 Feb–8 Apr

Teenage Trilogy, Curious Seed, on tour, 9–17 Feb

The Last Bordello, Fire Exit/Tron, on tour, 10–24 Feb

The Belle's Strategem, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 15 Feb–10 Mar

The Return, Eden Court, on tour, 15 Feb–1 Mar

Deathtrap, Dundee Rep, 20 Feb–10 Mar


March 2018

The Motherf**cker with the Hat, Tron, Glasgow, and Sherman, Cardiff, 1–31 Mar

How to Act, NTS, on tour, 6–23 Mar

Richard III, Perth Theatre, 17–31 Mar

Spring Awakening, Dundee Rep, 22–24 Mar

Rhinoceros, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 23 Mar–7 Apr

Three Sisters, Lung Ha, on tour, 16–28 Mar

Bunny, Tron, Glasgow, 28 Mar–7 Apr

Shift, NTS, Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial life, 29 Mar–1 Ap

A Play, A Poet and a Pastry, Theatre Royal, Dunfries, 30 Mar

Valentia's Galaxy, Frozen Charlotte, 31 March–


April 2018

Eddie and the Slumber Sisters, NTS/Catherline Wheels, on tour, Apr–Jun

McGonagall's Chronicles, Play, Pie, Pint, Traverse, Edinburgh, 3–7 Apr

Locker-Room Talk, Traverse, Edinburgh, 4–7 Apr

Rachel's Cousins, Play, Pie, Pint, Traverse, Edinburgh, 10–14 Apr

Bingo, Grid Iron/Stellar Quines, on tour, 12–14 Apr

Long Day's Journey into Night, Citizens, Glasgow, 13 Apr–18 May

Passing Places, Dundee Rep, 17 Apr–5 May and on tour until 12 May

Margaret Saves Scotland, Play, Pie, Pint, Traverse, Edinburgh, 17–21 Apr

The Shadow of Heaven, Al Seed, on tour, 17–18 Apr

Gut, NTS/Traverse, on tour, 20 Apr–19 May

Eulogy, Play, Pie, Pint, Traverse, Edinburgh, 24–28 Apr

McLuckie's Lines, Broke Lad, Citizens, Glasgow, 25–28 Apr

Creditors, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 27 Apr–12 May


May 2018

Take Me Somewhere, Glasgow, May

Bubblewrap, Play, Pie, Pint, Traverse, Edinburgh, 1–5 May

Ma, Pa and the Little Mouths, NTS/Tron, on tour, 3–19 May

Adam, NTS, on tour, 4–26 May

Anatomy: Finest Cuts, Traverse, 10–11 May

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, NTS, on tour, 14 May–9 Jun

Forbidden Stories, Ludens Ensemble, Traverse, Edinburgh, 17–18 May

Eve, NTS, Dundee Rep, 24–26 May

The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 31 May–2 Jun


June 2018

The Reason I Jump, NTS, Children's Wood and North Kelvin Meadow, Glasgow, Jun


July 2018

Super Night Shot, NTS/Gob Squad, Glasgow, summer


August 2018

Edinburgh International Festival, 3–27 Aug

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 3–27 Aug

Nous/Us, NTS, Edinburgh, Aug

My Left Right Foot: The Musical, NTS/Birds of Paradise, Edinburgh, Aug

Midsummer, NTS, Edinburgh, Aug


September 2018

Twelfth Night, on tour, Royal Lyceum/Bristol Old Vic, Sep–

Cyrano de Bergerac, NTS/Citizens/Royal Lyceum, on tour, 1 Sep–10 Nov

Futureproof, NTS, on tour, 28 Sep–28 Oct


October 2018

Touching the Void, on tour, Royal Lyceum/Bristol Old Vic, Oct–Jan

The 306: Dusk, NTS/Perth Theatre, 12–27 Oct


November 2018

Citizen of Nowhere, NTS, Tech-Hub, Dundee, Nov

TT Jump, NTS, Port of Spain, Nov

Sleepin' Cutie, MacRobert, Stirling, 21 Nov–31 Dec

A Ladder to the Stars, Visible Fictions, MacRobert, Stirling, 27 Nov–24 Dec


December 2018

Aladdin, King's, Glasgow, 1 Dec–6 Jan

Beauty and the Beast, King's, Edinburgh, 1 Dec–20 Jan



by Mark Fisher

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