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by Mark Fisher

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From February 2017

Heads Up, Kieran Hurley/Show and Tell, on tour, 22 Feb–27 Aug


From March 2017

The Suppliant Women, Royal Lyceum/ATC, on tour, 10 Mar–25 Nov


From May 2017

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, NTS, Duke of York’s, London, 9 May–2 Sep

High Society, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 26 May–14 Oct


From June 2017

Mary Rose, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 3 Jun–11 Oct

People, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 8 Jun–12 Oct

Absurd Person Singular, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 15 Jun–12 Oct


July 2017

Queen Lear, Bard in the Botanics, Botanic Gardens. Glasgow, 12–29 Jul

Measure for Measure, Bard in the Botanics, Botanic Gardens. Glasgow, 13–29 Jul

The Ruling Class, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 20 Jul–14 Oct

The Last Queen of Scotland, Stellar Quines/NTS/Dundee Rep, on tour,21 Jul–26 Aug


August 2017

Adam, NTS, on tour, 5 Aug–16 Sep

Eve, NTS, on tour, 3 Aug–16 Sep

The Sky Is Safe, Dogstar, on tour, 2 Aug–23 Sep

Stand By, Utter, on tour, 4 Aug–27 Sep

Edinburgh International Festival, 4–28 Aug

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 4–28 Aug

Oresteia: This Restless House, Citizens, Glasgow 15–17 Aug and 31 Aug–9 Sep

Europe, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 24 Aug–13 Oct

August: Osage County, Dundee Rep, 29 Aug–16 Sep


September 2017

The Threepenny Opera, Attic Collective, King's, Edinburgh, Sep

The Steamie, Neil Laidlaw and Jason Haigh Ellery, on tour, 4 Sep–11 Nov

What Shadows, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 7–23 Sep

Adam, NTS, Citizens, Glasgow, 13, 15, 16 Sep

Eve, NTS, Citizens, Glasgow, 14– 16 Sep

Faithful Ruslan: The Story of a Guard Dog, Citizens, Glasgow, 20 Sep–7 Oct

Rocket Post, NTS,on tour, 23 Sep–

The Macbeths, Citizens, Glasgow, 27 Sep–14 Oct

Striptease/Out at Sea, Vanishing Point, FIT festival, Switzerland on 28–29 Sep


October 2017

Our Fathers, Magnetic North, on tour, autumn

A Streetcar Named Desire, Rapture, on tour, 3–7 Oct

Blanche & Butch, Kenny Miller, on tour, 4 Oct

The Sunshine Ghost, Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King’s, Edinburgh, on tour, 5–7 Oct

Cockpit, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 6–28 Oct

Love Song to Lavender Menace, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 12–21 Oct

ThingummyBOB, Lung Ha, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, 14 Oct

The Maids, Dundee Rep, 17 Oct–4 Nov

Trainspotting, Citizens, on tour, 18 Oct–18 Nov


November 2017

Tabula Rasa, Vanishing Point, on tour, Nov

Wind Resistance, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 3–11 Nov

Lampedusa, Citizens, Glasgow,8–18 Nov

Chick Whittington, MacRobert, Stirling, 23 Nov–31 Dec

The Arabian Nights, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 25 Nov–6 Jan

Cinderella, Citizens, Glasgow, 28 Nov–31 Dec

A Christmas Carol, Cumbernauld Theatre, 30 Nov–24 Dec

A Christmas Carol, Dundee Rep, 30 Nov–30 Dec


December 2017

Alice in Weegieland, Tron, Glasgow, Dec

Cinderella, King's, Edinburgh, 2 Dec–21 Jan

Sleeping Beauty, King's, Glasgow, 2 Dec–8 Jan

The Tin Soldier, Birds of Paradise, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, 7–23 Dec

Aladdin, Perth Theatre, 9 Dec–6 Jan


January 2018

The Attic, Starcatchers, on tour, 9–21 Jan

The Lover, Royal Lyceum/Stellar Quines/Scottish Dance Theatre, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 20 Jan–3 Feb

Bold Girls, Citizens, Glasgow, 24 Jan–6 Feb


February 2018

The Belle's Strategem, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 15 Feb–10 Mar

Deathtrap, Dundee Rep, 20 Feb–10 Mar


March 2018

Spring Awakening, Dundee Rep, 22–24 Mar

Rhinoceros, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 23 Mar–7 Apr


April 2018

Passing Places, Dundee Rep, 17 Apr–5 May

Creditors, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 27 Apr–12 May


May 2019

The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 31 May–2 Jun



by Mark Fisher

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