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Kris Haddow

MUSICAL theatre performer, playwright and author.


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Chris Hannan

AUTHOR of Elizabeth Gordon Quinn, The Evildoers, Shining Souls and the novel Missy.

Interviews: Scotland on Sunday (April 2008); The List (23 September 2010);. Reviews: Elizabeth Gordon Quinn; The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain;.


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David Harrower

AUTHOR of Knives in Hens, Kill the Old, Torture their Young, Dark Earth and Blackbird.2008 tour site for Blackbird.

Interviews: New Zealand Herald (January 2008); The Scotsman (May 2008). Reviews: Knives in Hens; Blackbird; Mary Stuart; Six Characters in Search of an Author; 365; Lucky Box; Ashes Blood (work in progress); Good With People; A Slow Air; Knives in Hens; Calum's Road;

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Zinnie Harris

AUTHOR of Further than the Furthest Thing, Midwinter, Solstice, Fall and Death of a Scientist.

Interviews: Sunday Times (28 September 2003); Scotland on Sunday (10 August 2008); Scotland on Sunday (15 February 2009). Reviews: Nightingale and Chase (2004); Julie (2006); Fall (2008);The Garden (2010);

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John Harvey

PROLIFIC author of community plays and devised dramas.

Reviews: Crowhurst;

Reviews and articles

Iain Heggie

ACERBIC comedy in plays such as Wiping My Mother's Arse, A Wholly Healthy Glasgow and American Bagpipes. Website not in operation at 7/3/11.

Interviews: Scotland on Sunday (28 February 2004). Reviews: Sauchiehall Street; Global Warming is Gay; The Tobacco Merchant's Lawyer;.

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Ella Hickson

FRINGE-FIRST winning playwright, producer and director, author of Eight, Previous Little Talent and Hot Mess.

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Paul Higgins

ACTOR, best known for The Thick of It, turned playwright with Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us.

Reviews: Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us;

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Sam Holcroft

AUTHOR of Cockroach.

Reviews: Cockroach;

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Jules Horne

AUTHOR of Gorgeous Avatar.

Reviews: Gorgeous Avatar;

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