29 September 2011 The Scotsman

Interview with Rachel O'Riordan

On Twelfth Night and her artistic directorship. A Perth Theatre preview.

THE high heidjins at Perth Theatre wanted their new artistic director to make a splash. Rachel O'Riordan, they thought, should arrive in style. So they were all for letting her make her debut with a big cast and high production values. For the Northern Irish director, that meant only one thing. "As soon as I heard that, it was Shakespeare all the way," she says, tucking into a baked potato in her rehearsal break. "There's no more exciting writer on the planet. And Twelfth Night is probably in the top ten plays of all time – it's exquisite."

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David Overend



ARTISTIC director of Measureless Liars and artist in residence at the Arches, Glasgow.

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