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David Leddy

WRITER, performer and director of experimental and site-specific plays including Sub Rosa.

Reviews: Sub Rosa (24 Jan 2009)


4 October 2011 The Scotsman

Interview: Matthew Lenton

About Saturday Night. A Vanishing Point preview.

MATTHEW Lenton is telling me about the new Vanishing Point show, Saturday Night, when he leans over and shouts to a passing actor. "Lara, est-ce que tu as une cigarette?" he says. It's not the way he'd ask for a fag back home in Glasgow and, given we're sitting in an outdoor cafŽe in Porto, not the language he'd normally use to get one here in Portugal either. But this is Lenton's pan-European world, in which a show destined for Scotland starts off with dates in Porto, Lisbon and Guimaraes. Here, it is normal for Vanishing Point collaborators such as designer Kai Fischer and actor Sandy Grierson to be joined by performers from Portugal, Belgium and France. It's only because a festival in Italy had its funding cut that Lenton is not also working in Naples this year.

24 May 2009 Scotland on Sunday

Jemima Levick interview: The direct approach

On CATS nominations and associate directorship of Dundee Rep.

JEMIMA Levick was sunning herself in Marrakech when the texts started arriving. It was nice of people to keep in touch, thought the director, but why was everyone congratulating her? A call to James Brining, artistic director of Dundee Rep, put her right. "Oh yes, I've been meaning to tell you," he said, going on to explain that Levick's production of Beauty And The Beast was figuring prominently in the nominations for the Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) released earlier this week.

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7 October 2007 Scotland on Sunday

David Levin interview

'I'VE never auditioned in my life," says David Levin, 72, former artistic director of Israel's Habima National Theatre, who settled in Edinburgh with his Scottish wife last year after a career that has taken him all over the world. "If you were an actor I would observe how you walk in, if your handshake is strong, if you lean towards your coffee or take the coffee to you. I would ask a very embarrassing private question to see how you would react. I'm looking for personality."

Reviews: Antigone; The Testament of Cresseid;

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