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Alan Tall

ACTOR, composer, not to mention illustrator and story writer.

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Drew Taylor

WORKING primarily as a director, Taylor has had experience as a writer, performer, producer, dramaturg, programmer, choreographer, designer, administrator, marketing manager and workshop leader.

January 2005 Sunday Times

David Tennant

IF John Osborne had known David Tennant when he was writing his most famous play, he’d have had to call it Look Back in Niceness. A less angry young man it is hard to imagine. Far from the ranting and raving of Osborne’s Jimmy Porter – the part Tennant will play in Look Back in Anger at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum this month – the actor is the very personification of mild-mannered charm.

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David Tennant

BUSY site with news, interviews and downloads about the Dr Who actor.

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Frances Thorburn

UP to date information about the singer and stage and TV actor.

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Natalie Toyne

ACTOR and singer with experience at Scottish Opera, the Tron and Random Accomplice.

Reviews: Mother Bruce; Little Johnny's Big Gay Musical;

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Alan Tripney

UP to date information about the stage actor.

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Elspeth Turner

SCOTTISH actor with experience in the USA and London.

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