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David McCallum Fans Online

WORDS, pictures and news about the Man from UNCLE star.

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David McCallum updates

NEWS from the actor himself.

1 March 2012 The Scotsman

Sylvester McCoy

About Plume. A Tron Theatre preview.

WHEN The Hobbit hits the big screen in December, it will be the most eagerly anticipated film of 2012. By that time, Tolkien fans will have waited nine years for an extra helping of Middle Earth mayhem from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. With an all-star cast and a reported budget of $150 million (about £94m) each, the two Hobbit movies – this year's An Unexpected Journey and its sequel, There and Back Again – are very big business indeed. Not big enough, however, to stand in the way of the Tron Theatre.

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Jordan McCurrach

WORK with NTS, Dundee Rep, V.Amp and others. Site includes showreel and publicity shots.

March 2005 Scotland on Sunday

Lorna McDevitt

WE’VE been seeing a lot of you lately, I say to Lorna McDevitt, as politely as I can. "It’s become a joke round here," she laughs. "‘Oh, are you wearing any clothes in this play?’"


4 January 2009 Scotland on Sunday

Ian McDiarmid interview: To the dark side

IAN McDiarmid is the most reluctant of Hollywood stars. A more flighty actor would have taken offence when, at the red-carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 1999, none of the photographers knew who he was. But the Carnoustie-born psychology graduate laughed at the oversight. He couldn't blame them given that he was not wearing the prosthetic make-up that had transformed him into the dark lord Emperor Palpatine in 1983's Return Of The Jedi, and, in any case, McDiarmid revelled in his anonymity.

Reviews: Be Near Me (January 2009), Be Near Me (January 2009)

May 2005 Scotland on Sunday

Irene Macdougall

IRENE Macdougall has been taking her work home with her. "Last Tuesday, I had all evening, so I thought, no television, just script, script, script," says the mainstay of the Dundee Rep ensemble. "I did about two hours’ work and then I thought, ‘Actually, it would be really helpful if I’d had a few drinks.’ So I opened a bottle of wine, poured myself three glasses one after the other - and it doesn’t take much for me - and I found it quite useful. You don’t give a damn when you’re tiddly."

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Angus MacFadyen

DEDICATED to the Braveheart actor.

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Ewan McGregor

PICTURES and news about the Trainspotting and Star Wars actor.

Fan website

Ewan McGregor

YOUR resource for all things Ewan.

1 August 2010 Scotland on Sunday

Lorraine McIntosh in Beautiful Burnout

Interview with Deacon Blue Star. A National Theatre of Scotland preview.

WHEN Lorraine McIntosh takes to the stage for the premiere of the National Theatre of Scotland's Beautiful Burnout, she knows who her fiercest critic will be. In the first-night audience will be Ricky Ross, her husband and fellow Deacon Blue bandmate, who is a voracious theatregoer - a three-times-a-week man, she says - and no mean director himself. A couple of years ago, he staged a mystery play at their local church and, according to McIntosh, made a tremendous job of it. So when it comes to her high-profile performance with the NTS, she knows he'll tell it like it is - just as she has always been frank with him about his music.

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David McKail

STAGE, film, TV and radio credits dating to 1952.

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Doon Mackichan

UP to date information about the Smack the Pony and Green Wing star.

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Kevin MacIsaac

QM-TRAINED actor with international experience and work at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh.

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Lex McLean

Article on the site of the Scottish Music Hall and Variety Theatre Society.

March 2006 Scotland on Sunday

Una McLean

THIS is what it's like when you go for a drink with Una McLean and Lynn Ferguson. As soon as the barman says hello, McLean catches his accent and asks if he's Irish. No, he tells her, he's from eastern Europe. The mistake amuses McLean enough to let loose one of her trademark laughs . . .

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Gary McNair

THEATREMAKER and performer whose work includes Donald Robertson is Not a Stand-Up Comedian and The Gambler's Guide to Dying.

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Ian Macpherson

WRITER, performer and stand-up comedian living in Glasgow.

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Stuart McQuarrie

UP to date information about the excellent stage and TV actor.

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Andy Manley

PROFILE and news of the gifted actor, deviser and director who specialises in children's theatre. Experience with Catherine Wheels, Visible Fictions and Starcatchers.

Reviews: Pondlife McGurk (17 May 2010);

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Frank Miller

ACTOR, writer and director with film, stage and workshop experience.

29 November 2010 Scotland on Sunday

Gavin Mitchell interview

On taking over from Gerard Kelly. A King's Theatre, Glasgow preview

Three years ago, I wrote a review of Sleeping Beauty that compared the comedy legs of Gavin Mitchell with those of Gerard Kelly. Mitchell was playing Norval, the witch's son, in the Glasgow King's panto and it looked as though his pins were ready to give way beneath him. Kelly, of course, was the high priest of knock-kneed hilarity and, as Chester the Jester, gave his legs a life of their own. I suggested Mitchell had been paying attention to Kelly's technique.

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Gerry Mulgrew

The Old Schoolhouse, 7 Newlandrig, Midlothian EH23 4NS

01875 823543

GERRY Mulgrew’s famous company Communicado is currently operating on a project-by-project basis, while Mulgrew pursues a successful acting and directing career.

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (October 2008). Reviews: Communicado reviews; Peer Gynt; Ubu the King;

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Tommy Joe Mullins

UP to date information about the stage actor.

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