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Sean Kane

STAGE and TV actor.

26 May 2007 The Scotsman

Magdalena Kaleta

THERE CAN be few more sensitive challenges for a theatre director than to cast the role of a foreigner. Unless they're happy to go down the' Allo ' Allo route and put an offensive national stereotype on stage, they are limited in the number of actors they can draw on. Try finding a Scottish actor of Asian, African, Chinese or Eastern European descent and you'll be searching in a very small pool for performers who, even if they have the looks and accent, still might not be right for the part.

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John Kazek

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October 2006 Sunday Times

Cara Kelly

CARA Kelly caught the theatre bug at a very young age. It was in 1971 as a wide-eyed seven-year-old that she visited the Citizens' Theatre to see Cinderella starring David Hayman as Buttons. "We've got a very special person in the audience today," he'd said, leading the whole theatre in a round of "Happy Birthday" for Kelly who was born on Christmas Day.


3 November 2010 The Guardian

Gerard Kelly obituary

EVERYONE loved the mop of black hair, the half-length trousers, the bright Dr Martens and the cry of "Hiya pals", but you could spend hours figuring out exactly what made Gerard Kelly such a physically funny pantomime star. It was something to do with the knobbly knees, the way one leg would drag coyly behind the other, and the impression of Kelly having feet that headed in opposite directions. The actor Karen Dunbar, who appeared alongside him in three Christmas shows at the King's theatre in Glasgow, has her own theory. "I think it came from his hips," she said. "He used his whole body."

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Philip Kingscott

EDINBURGH actor with experience with V.amp, Siege Perilous and Theatre Alba.

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Pauline Knowles

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Paul Kozinski

GLASGOW actor.

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