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by Mark Fisher

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24 May 2019 The Guardian

549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War

By Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon. A Wonder Fools review.

WHEN Dorothy takes her journey along the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz, the adults in her life reappear as fantasy equivalents. Something similar happens in this feisty play by Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon. Here, the drinkers in an East Lothian pub, readying themselves for Theresa May's "strong and stable" government, become reborn as four real-life volunteers from Prestonpans who joined Scotland's 549-strong contingent to fight against Franco's fascist forces in 1936.


24 May 2019 The Scotsman

The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil

By John McGrath. A National Theatre of Scotland review.

EARLY on in the National Theatre of ScotlandÕs raucous revival of John McGrathÕs 1970s classic, actor Jo Freer asks the women in the audience to stand. When they do so, she delivers a speech that is as shocking as it is matter of fact. It is a litany of the punishments meted out to women who resisted the authorities during the Highland clearances of the 18th century. With the explicitness of a modern-day horror movie, she lists the whippings, head injuries and sexual assaults they suffered simply for defending their homes. The political message is unambiguous.

AngusMillerasFerdinandandKirstyStuartasTheDuchessPhotocreditMihaelaBodlovic23 May 2019 The Guardian

The Duchess (of Malfi)

By Zinnie Harris after John Webster. A Royal Lyceum Theatre review.

THEY'RE a pathetic lot, the men who hang around this Duchess of Malfi. There's the narcissistic cardinal, the needy twin brother, the loveless spy and the nice-but-feeble husband. They all need a good talking-to. The downside, in playwright-director Zinnie Harris's bold reworking of the John Webster gore-fest, is you'd rather avoid the lot of them; their simple motivations and shallow emotional range some kind of poetic justice, perhaps, for so many centuries of underwritten female ciphers.


20 May 2019 The Guardian

This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing

By Finegan Kruckemeyer. A Stellar Quines production.

THE clue is in the socks. We're faced by three girls, identical in their yellow coats, red bobble hats and long hair. Only the stripes beneath their denim shorts distinguish one from the other. Played sonorously by Betty Valencia, Kim Allan and Rehanna MacDonald, they are triplets, used to being considered a unit. They scratch their faces at exactly the same time and face the world together. It's why Finegan Kruckemeyer's modern-day fable for the over-sevens begins "thrice upon a time".







by Mark Fisher

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