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Bruce Adam

PLAYS for adults and children by a lecturer and teacher in drama.

August 2006 Scotland on Sunday

Henry Adam

PETROL Jesus Nightmare #5. "You either know what it means or you don't," says Wick-born Henry Adam, best known for his hit comedy The People Next Door. "You either have nightmares about petrol Jesus or you don't."

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (13 August 2006); Reviews: Petrol Jesus Nightmare; 'e Polish Quine; Jacobite Country;

Agent website

Vivien Adam

Agent: PFD

TV soap and drama writer with background in theatre.

Reviews: A Sense of Justice;

Official website

Judith Adams

YORKSHIRE author of Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden produced by Stellar Quines at Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Ghost produced by Edinburgh Pupet Lab.

Reviews: Ghost;

Official website

Davey Anderson

PLAYWRIGHT, composer and director with extensive body of work since winning the Arches Award for Stage Directors in 2005.

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (29 November 2009); Reviews: Tipping Point; Snuff; Rupture; Zorro; Clutter Keeps Company;The Static;

October 2008 The Herald

Ioanna Anderson

IF you want a lesson on modern Scottish identity, look no further than Ioanna Anderson. The 38-year-old playwright is a walking embodiment of 21st-century multiculturalism.

Reviews: Six Acts of Love;

July 2005 The Scotsman

Peter Arnott

AUTHOR of The Boxer Benny Lynch, White Rose and Cyprus. Playwright in Cages blog reporting on his explorations of the John Murray Archive as its writer-in-residence.

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (23 July 2005) The List (23 September 2010); Reviews: The Visit; Swindle and Death; The Silver Darlings; Gordon Brown: A Life in Theatre;

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